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A Summer full of Magic



Ceremonies are an invitation to slow down, relax, notice what you need, feel what you need to feel, release and relax, nourish your body, mind, and heart and connect to yourSelf. 


This Summer I’m inviting you to join me and some of the greatest people of Switzerland on an adventure back to your heart at the wonderful Yoga Scheune, an open-air (with a roof) yoga studio in the woods of Meilen. We’ll journey through the 4 elements and invoke in each Ceremony specific energy that will help you intentionally connect to yourself and have a safe space to release anything from your physical, mental, energetic, and emotional body. 


Each ceremony is designed to bring forth that element so that you can truly feel it and notice what happens inside and outside of yourself and where in life you have an excess and where in life you’d like to embody it more. 




-Saturday, June 11th: A Ceremony of Transformation & Letting Go  (FIRE / KALI)


-Sunday, July 10th: A Ceremony of Lightness & Self-Appreciation  (WATER / KAMALA)


-Saturday, September 3rd: A Ceremony to Purify the Heart & Create Space (AIR/EITHER/BHUVANESVHARI)


-Sunday, September 18th: A Ceremony to Connect to YourSelf & Honour Your Needs (EARTH / MATANGI)


Click on the Ceremony directly to book a spot(s). 


If you want to book more than one ceremony, you can also get a Ceremony Pass at a discounted package pricing and there also friend tickets available if you want to share the experience with a loved one. 



We start every Ceremony with a simple guided meditation to arrive and connect to yourself (yes we gonna calm that mind and feel that body and heart a bit more). Then there is a Cacao Blessing & Gratitude Meditation where you receive a cup of ceremonial-grade Cacao by Naked Chocolate - this is about community, honoring each other, and enjoying quality time. No multitasking, just enjoying simplicity. 


Each cacao blend contains specific spices and herbs to enhance your experience. In nature and with a playlist designed to take you deeper inwards and connect you to your emotions, you'll be drinking your ceremonial cacao. Ceremonial Cacao is known as the Medicine of the Heart and helps to connect us with our inner world and emotions. It deepens our meditation practice, nourishes the physical body, and grounds us in our bodies, feeling both feet on the earth, yet with a hint of magic. 


After sitting with our cacao, we will repeat a mantra. This is a specific word that invokes specific energy like calling in transformation, releasing negativity, manifesting our heart desires, and more. It's not singing, it's a meditative repetition that calms and focuses the mind. Mantras are very powerful and part of the big spectrum of what yoga is. Here we don't practice kirtan (singing mantras) but the Japa mala meditation that you can easily integrate into your life.


The last part of our ceremony is a yin yoga journey. Yin Yoga is a modern-day yoga practice created in the 90's where most postures are done laying down or seated and held for a few minutes. It helps to access the connective tissue (fascia) and create space, relaxation, and nourishment in our physical body. Mentally it may bring clarity as we have suddenly space to notice all our thoughts  and emotions (which are also a challenging aspect). When we feel we heal and having a safe space to feel is very valuable. There is nothing we have to solve, it's simply slowing down and giving ourselves the space we need to notice what happens internally. It's also a sacred space to connect to our heart, bodies wisdom and intuition. Really nurturing yourself on all levels and have undisturbed time to simply be. There is no experience needed for yin yoga and it's safe for many bodies but of course not all. If you have a temporary or long-term physical or mental condition, please get in touch via email prior to booking. 



-There isn't anything specific you have to prepare. It's recommended to hydrate well prior and after the ceremony as ceremonial cacao activates the liver and is great for your connective tissue. It helps flush out whatever needs to be released physically, mentally and emotionally. 


-Keep your food intake on the day of the Ceremony and evening before light(er) and vegetarian. Anything that you digest easily and feels light in your system. Bring a snack for after the Ceremony. 


-You may have a specific intention or want to tune into what would help you completely to immerse yourself into the Ceremony. If you can, don't make appointments on the day of the ceremony, maybe even a day after. It's good to take some time to nourish, be in nature, not have to rush, solve, move too much but have space to do whatever feels good in that moment! :)


-You can journal or meditate upon the following questions if this helps you:


1. How am I feeling physically right now?

2. How am I feeling mentally right now?

3. How am I feeling emotionally right now?

4. How am I feeling energetically right now?

5. What would be something I'd like to solve/release from my life/body/mind/emotions?

6. What would be something I'd like to feel/experience more in my life?

7. How would I describe the relationship to myself in 3-5 words?

8. What can I do to feel more nourished in my day to day life?

9. What is something that I can do for myself to feel connected to myself?

10. What people in my life lift me up, help me grow and allow me to fully be myself? Which people are crossing my boundaries and constantly complaining?


-Notice in your day to day life what activities, people, habits, routines, rituals, places feel expanding and nourishing and which feel contracting and stressful



I, Aleks, have been sharing these practices with others now for over 7 years and like to keep my ceremonies down-to-earth with a hint of magic. When I say everyone is welcome, I mean it. If you have any challenges and aren’t sure if this is the right for you, please get in touch, and either I’ll recommend you another ceremony OR another human that I know doing great work that would be more beneficial to you.


My intention is to create safe and sacred spaces for people to connect to their hearts, meet their darkness, and remember their light. Or simplified: Come as you are, let go of what needs to be let go of and connect to a place within yourself that gives you hope and trust in your day-to-day life.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to email me at hello@å

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