Ceremonial Christmas Gift Guide

Wanting to gift an experience this year for Christmas?

An experience doesn’t have to be a full day trip - it may be as simple as gifting someone the possibility to incoperate a 15 minutes nourishing solitude ritual into their lives. So that they can anchor within themselves, connect to their heart, relax their body and calm the mind to set clearer intentions that will influence their day, behaviour, interactions, thoughts, actions and overall emotional state as well as all the humans they meet that day.

I'd love to share a few of the Ceremonial Christmas Gifts that you can get for yourself and your friends and family on

1. Gift someone a Naked Chocolate Ceremonial Cacao Blend.

There are single blends that you can choose from or one of the three Cacao Boxes that contains different ceremonial cacao blends to try out. Everything is organic, single-origin, real fairtrade, ceremonial-grade and intentionally produced, taken care of the human and land.

This year I’m offering Christmas Gift Wrappings for each Ceremonial Cacao Order from November 19th 2021 to December 30th 2021. If you want to make sure that your order arrives on time or you can pick it up on time, please order by latest December 16th 2021.

I recommend ordering it earlier though as every single blend is produced by human hand in a slow and intentional process. It’s also possible to pick up your Christmas Gift Orders at a Ceremony or Event that you’re joining but make sure you place your orders at least 3 full business days in advance, so that I have sufficient time to make sure you’re order will be ready - this is especially for orders that include more than one blend.