When we feel, we heal.

When we slow down, we create space to notice the beauty, grow our appreciation for life, ourselves, and the people. We also notice what is not feeling great in our lives. And we start asking ourselves important questions like WHY AM I HERE? WHO AM I? WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH MY LIFE? WHO IS MY COMMUNITY AND IS MY INNER CIRCLE REPRESENTING MY INNER DESIRE FOR GROWTH, CREATION, DEPTH, AND CURIOSITY FOR LIFE?

We become Yin Explorers.

We dive deep inside us. And from the inside out we change our lives.

Yin Yoga is a tool that I’ve experienced a transformation with. It’s not the one and only tool BUT it is a powerful tool and reminds us of the medicine of slowing down, spaciousness, and that radical honesty and vulnerability we can meet ourselves in that space.

Maybe you’ll join me and some other amazing humans for 12 days of deep transformation in Montenegro next summer, maybe you’ll *just* have a very relaxing class, maybe you feel inspired to make a change in your life.

It sounds cheesy - the FOLLOW YOUR HEART - but it’s not.

To follow your heart and intuition is extremely brave. To do what you need to do and manage all your systems and different bodies (physical, mental, emotional energetic) so that you actually know when you act out of fear or your highest Self.

That part inside you that is never changing - call it soul, consciousness, awareness, light, …It doesn’t matter how you call it, as long as it resonates with you and allows you to deepen your trust in yourSelf and life.

Is this the path of fluffy unicorns, riding on dragonflies, and dancing with fairies? A part of it. :))

We experience the YIN BLISS and we experience the YIN TRUTH.