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Sonic Alchemy is a 38-page handy e-book for helping you choose suitable music for your daily rituals based on your intentions.


Written by Mehdi Dehbandi, a qualified Musician/Audio therapist and Consultant.


You'll receive a confirmation with a link to download this e-book ( format, adaptable to all devices) immediately. 


From the author:


To easily map out body parts in relation to musical frequencies, I use the ancient yet well-known system of Chakras. Seven energy points in the body represent physical and mental states.  


In this book, I will go through each chakra and its relations with sound frequencies,(and other musical elements such as tempo/ speed and instrumentation)  one by one.

You do not need to have technical knowledge of music or anatomy to benefit from this book. 


I will also leave you with tips and recommendations on how to use this knowledge on a daily basis and incorporate other elements such as aromas and colors to enhance the effects.


You may conduct personal ceremonies at home with intentions of healing, clarity, or rejuvenation.


This book is also useful for DJs and will help you create better sets as well as composers and songwriters to create more effective music.


Having the knowledge shared in this book makes this powerful tool (music) a lot more efficient and practical towards enhancing the quality of your life.


Important to know:

The knowledge shared in this book is not an absolute cure and is meant to reduce your pain and suffering and enhance the quality of your life.


Sonic Alchemy - Turn Your Spotify Playlist Into A Powerful Medicine

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